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The following is only a small set of samples of the kind of works we can produce .


For us, quality product is our target, and due to that, we implement high level systems in the fabrication process that will give you as a customer, total satisfaction.


With the experience acquired over the years, our goal is to provide you with a professional job, with the best quality materials and the manufacturing processes implemented with the standards that lead us to produce optimal products.

Suitable Materials and Equipment

To meet your needs, we have a wide range of materials, dices, conversion parts, inks, adhesives and so on. Do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us


At Sonar Precision Die Cutting / Mayar Labels we create packaging tapes, ribbons, labels, warranty seals, designs works and all kind of printings for a wide variety of customers and industries..

Quality and service

We offer quality products based on expertise acquired along many years on the business and we use it, together with high quality materials, in order to achieve total satisfaction of our customers..

Experience and adequate equipment produce quality products.

We count on these two factors in order to obtain optimal and professional products for the complete satisfaction of our customers.





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